Mileage Tracking

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Innovation Mileage Capture System is a web-based system for recording business mileage in a user friendly way – and comes with free to use iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry APPS.

The system is currently used by thousands of drivers in the UK. It will help you reduce costs and administration work, and also help you prevent fraud.

The whole process of mileage capture is managed by Innovation. We send automated reminders to your drivers. We regularly review the journeys they are entering to ensure compliance. If anyone has any problems, we’re here to help.

How does it work?

The system is very simple for drivers to use:

  1. Driver can use our APPS to accurately record mileage
  2. simply hit GO and then STOP. The system works out the rest.

Why should you choose our Mileage Capture System?

Our mileage capture system provides peace of mind as it is specifically designed to meet HMRC requirements. It is built on a reliable and secure platform and is the only mileage system which also caters for permanent and temporary workplaces and the 40% and 2-year rule.

The system is simple to use, and flexible. Useful management information is captured, which can be used for other purposes such as Health & Safety, emissions reporting or benchmarking against your peers.