Innovation specialises in unique approaches to cost down – value up employee reward solutions. Their technical tax expertise in areas around employee benefits, cars, mileage, pensions and expats is second to none.

If you need help with anything from an HMRC investigation to a pension related issue that has a tax angle, Innovation is the right firm for you.

Car & Fuel Tax Solutions

Everything Innovation does is tried and tested so you are in safe hands.

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Mileage Tracking

Take control of your mileage reporting and get help with analysing your carbon footprint.

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Innovation is a very ethical firm. They pride themselves on complying not only with the letter but spirit of the law and have a number of ways of ensuring that there is always ‘clear blue water’ between what they do and what is expected from HMRC, thereby proving that you don’t have to be aggressive or risk taking to save tax; just innovative and smart.

They have also developed a real interest and knowledge of our business, and have developed an excellent client relationship.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Innovation and their tax team to any business.

Mark Faulkner, HR Director, EH Smith Ltd

I am pleased to recommend Innovation and their unique fuel card solution to any interested party.

We have seen driver habits change for the better in that staff are now driving more slowly and safely to maximise mpg and they are even car sharing. At the same time the company also saves money on tyres and the costs of business motoring.

The net result is a very content workforce and a safer and greener driving profile.

Mark Townsend, Managing Director, Derry Building Services Ltd, a subsidiary of Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd.