Cash Allowance Optimiser

This is a simple solution aimed at anyone providing cash allowances to staff instead of company cars. Why pay tax or NIC on a business expenses when you don’t need to?

Innovation have a simple way of converting part or all of the current monthly cash allowance, for non-company car drivers, into tax free, NIC free pay, saving you and your employees typically £800 – £1,000 p.a. per employee. No HMRC approval is required.

I am pleased to have had the opportunity of working with Innovation on this innovative and specialized tax project where they truly excel and it has also been a thoroughly enjoyable experience for me.

Martyn Sandford, Group Financial Controller, Anglian Windows Limited

It is a simple way of delivering both Tax and NIC savings for our staff at source, in respect of their business mileage, whilst saving Willis Employer NIC at source

David Freestone, Programme Director, Willis Towers Watson